All selected participant just prepare their self needed to join an International Islamic Cultural Camp. For you participant, just get your ticket to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta. From Jakarta until you come back in Jakarta, your funding program will be disbursement. All of part of program have prepared, and you just do International Islamic Culture Camp well.

Is a program a preparation of which is held by IICC for all abroad scholarship recipients of the International Islamic Culture Camp.

The purpose of preparation of departure this is to strengthen in patterns of thought and grow up values for participants so that can upholds idealism, Integrity, independence and having significant influence in the life of observance in yourself , the family , and the community.

Through the program of preparation of departure will make participants were able to find out more about the preparation for prior to the students of the International Islamic Culture Camp, understand a groove and activities which will be carried out during in country of destination, and also what will participants do after the International Islamic Culture Camp finished.

After you have done your program on that country. You have to make report. You can write an essay about your experiences on International Islamic Culture Camp 2018. Besides that, for you that have a good creativity in Audio/Video, you also can make a report by making creative video during you do an International Islamic Culture Camp for 3 (three) days. InsyaaAllah the best report will get a unique merchandise from us.